3 Freshwater heist


With the consultation process over the future of freshwater management well underway, New Zealanders need to know what is being planned.


Keep informed:
The main way to keep informed about NZCPR's campaign is to ensure you are registered for the free weekly newsletter of the New Zealand Centre for Political Research HERE. NZCPR will update readers about the campaign on a regular basis.

The NZCPR has published a number of articles on the control of freshwater. The articles since April 2015 are as follows:

* The water debate by Dr Muriel Newman 13 August 2017

* Will water flow to Maori? by Michael Coote 13 August 2017

* Charging for water by Dr Muriel Newman 16 April 2017

* What value freshwater by Anthony Willy 16 April 2017

* Water Rights Agenda Exposed by Dr Muriel Newman 23 Oct 2016

* Cabinet’s intentions concerning the allocation of fresh water by Judge Anthony Willy 23 Oct 2016

* Waitangi Tribunal on fresh water by Judge Anthony Willy 15 May 2016

* Hypocrisy by Dr Muriel Newman 3 April 2016

* Water, The Rule of Law, and the Treaty by Judge Anthony Willy 3 April 2016

* The Dark Art by Dr Muriel Newman

* Special water deal for iwi persists by Mike Butler 31 March 2016

* The Politics of Fresh Water reform by Dr Muriel Newman 28 Feb 2016

* Submissions Open on Controversial Water Reform Proposals by Dr Muriel Newman 21 Feb 2016

* The Tears of Papatuanuku by David Round 21 Feb 2016

* Water and deceit, Part 2 by Mike Butler 21 Feb 2016

* Setting the Record Straight by Dr Muriel Newman 29 Jan 2016

* Fresh Water, Democracy and The Rule of law by Judge Anthony Willy 29 Jan 2016

* Echos of Orewa by Frank Newman 29 Jan 2016

* Fresh Water by Gerry Eckhoff 8 Dec, 2015

* The Politics of RMA Reform by Dr Muriel Newman 4 Dec, 2015

* The surrender is almost complete by Dr Don Brash 4 Dec, 2015

* Listen to Leighton Smith's full interview with Dr Don Brash 23 Nov, 2015

* Hands Off Our Water by Dr Muriel Newman 15 Nov, 2015

* Tribes plan for $1b plus water ownership by Mike Butler 15 Nov, 2015

* Keeping the Public in the Dark by Dr Muriel Newman, 1 Oct, 2015

* Treachery is a contemptible thing by David Round, 1 Oct, 2015

* Freshwater Deals by Dr Muriel Newman, 20 Sept, 2015

* A Dangerous Path by Dr Don Brash, 20 Sept, 2015

* The Consequences of Judicial Activism by Dr Muriel Newman, 23 Aug, 2015

* Questions of Water Rights and Ownership by David Round, 19 April 2015

* Race-based Water Rights a Step Closer by Dr Muriel Newman, 19 April, 2015

* Water yours mine or nobody’s by Judge Anthony Willy, 19 April 2015

Iwi ambitions:
You can see first hand what iwi are pushing for by visiting the Iwi Chairs Forum website and reading their reports on the ownership and control of freshwater HERE

Freshwater Petition:
NZCPR are running an on-line petition on the ownership of water – you can view it HERE.

Tell politicians what YOU think:
Email MPs and councillors and let them know what you think about the ownership and control of freshwater.

*The email addresses of all Members of Parliament can be found HERE.