Keep Water Kiwi Ads 2016

Below are advertisements placed in various papers around the country by the New Zealand Centre for Political Research in order to alert the public to a proposed transfer of 'ownership'/'control' of New Zealand's freshwater resources to tribal Maori.  Read the Ad

Herald on Sunday 17/4/16

Sunday Star Times 17/4/16

Christchurch Press 16/4/16

Dominion Post 16/4/16

NZ Herald 16/4/16

Nelson Leader 14/4/16

Tasman Leader 14/4/16

Napier Mail 13/4/16

Rotorua Review 13/4/16

Hastings Mail 13/4/16

Herald on Sunday 10/4/16

Sunday Star Times 10/4/16

Christchurch Press 9/4/16

Taranaki Daily News 9/4/16

NZ Herald 9/4/16

Dominion Post 9/4/16

Otago Daily Times 9/4/16 (Image unavailable)

Weekend Sun (Tauranga) 8/4/16  (Image unavailable)