Muddy waters

Don’t let the misinformed 'muddy the waters'! There are just 5 factors Kiwis need to be concerned with:

Kiwi Frontline and many New Zealanders oppose privatisation of any kind, whether it be for the benefit of Maori tribes, corporates or individuals.

Privatisation gives unelected people control (in perpetuity) and rights to ‘clip the ticket’ every time you turn the tap on. Do you want to pay more for water?

Yes, we all want clean water. And our ELECTED politicians and their government departments are responsible for ensuring high environmental standards in NZ. To do this, they can create new laws or enforce existing ones.

Why would the government hand over authority for cleaning up our waterways to tribal groups? People of Maori descent don’t automatically possess any extra skill or knowledge that would improve on the current system.

The fuss over bottling plants is a beat up. Emotional language is being used to make us feel as though we are having our life blood ripped out of us. There is no shortage of such water and exporting bottled water is no different from exporting beer.

Beer makers put water into vats, add hops, ferment it, bottle it and export it. Wine growers use water to create wine for export. Orchardists, farmers, horticulturalists all use water in producing goods for export.

Some bottling plants have been in operation for years without there being any concerns. The current fuss is being made because tribes see an opportunity to ‘clip the ticket’ and get revenue from someone else’s foresight and hard work.

The Ashburton company (which is one of the largest) will be extracting water equivalent to about 1/3 of that used by an average-sized dairy farm.

Only 0.004 per cent of all water used in New Zealand was bottled and sent overseas (John Key).

Regional Councils currently control the allocation of water. Anyone can apply for a permit to extract an allocation of water per day/year. Democratically elected councillors are required to make unbiased decisions on the granting of these permits.

Anyone can stand for public office in NZ. Once elected, councillors and politicians can be voted out by the public if they do not perform. The alternative being proposed is power and authority simply handed to tribal people on the basis of their racial allegiance. It requires no proof of ability, good performance or fairness. Such a system breeds corruption and endorses racism and self-interest. It puts the future of our country at risk.