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Hirini Kaa

Dr Hirini Kaa is a lecturer at Auckland University, the bastion of fake Maori polemics such as Margaret Mutu.

His diatribe is designed to instill racial disharmony and promote his fake course about a fake history.

Did you notice in his little essay that every reference to a supposed injustice is linked not to the actual words in the treaty but to someone’s interpretation of it 150 years after it was written?

Did you notice that the Doctor couldn’t recite the words from the treaty that pointed to it being a partnership?

Did you notice that the Doctor could not recite any principles from the treaty itself?

That’s because there are no words in the treaty that could possibly make anyone believe it was a partnership. It was precisely the opposite of a partnership, it was the bringing together of 600 or so separate and warring factions into one nation.

It was impossible for the Queen to enter into a partnership with her own subjects, what are these people thinking?

Article one was the cessation of sovereignty by anyone who thought they had it…. Forever.

Article two was the introduction of property rights.

Article three was the greatest gift to come to the people of New Zealand, the promise of protection and equality for all the people of New Zealand.

However, the Doctor instead points to the crazed utterings of a misguided elitist Justice Cook had to say about the treaty as being some sort of partnership in 1987. And this is exactly what every member of the treaty gravy train must do because the treaty itself does not state anything about partnerships or principles.

Justice Cooke believed firmly that wise judges should make the law rather than just adjudicate existing law. He was deeply suspicious of democracy and his findings in 1987 were a breath of fresh air for biculturalism, racists and those in favour of apartheid systems of governance.

The Doctor is obviously is not too happy with Article three of the treaty which states the government must treat the people of the country equally, in his eyes some are more equal than others.

I wonder if in the Doctors course he instructs his students that the treaty itself does not mention Maori people at all.

I wonder if he explains to his students that there were no people known as being Maori in 1840, which is why the words in the treaty say “ki nga tangata katoa o Nu Tirani” or ALL the people of New Zealand.

Mike Hosking’s is correct:
People who choose to identify as Maori were not treated any differently to any other New Zealand citizen with regards to the TPP.

The treaty is exempt from the TPP, so there should have been no story.

Waitangi day is an annual day of ignorance and abuse.

By Andy Oakley

Hirini Kaa's rant can be read here > http://thespinoff.co.nz/22-01-2016/dear-mike-hosking-i-saw-your-waitangi-rant-and-i-can-help/