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Joe Trinder

What a mixed up person Joe Trinder is, it must be terrible walking around with a big (racial) chip on his shoulders like that;

1) He doesn’t believe chiefs sold their land, although the deed titles for about 2/3rds of the land mass of New Zealand exist for practically every pre-treaty purchase. This allowed the sales to be investigated after the treaty was signed and much of the land was returned. Only to be sold a second time after the Treaty, and again the deed titles of these sales still exist.

2) Natives sold their land for a mixture of useful items that they didn’t possess, such as blankest and axes. Also, many smaller tribes traded land for muskets to defend themselves from the violent chaos of 633 significant battles between 1805 and 1839, where larger more powerful tribes were committing wholesale slaughter in acts of revenge and jealousy. Between 35 and 45,000 people were murdered and many eaten in these wars, these are facts. No one today need feel any regret or remorse over these events, they are history. These huge battles were probably the most significant event in terms of lives lost in New Zealand’s history. And Joe can’t remember them.

3) Yes, 13 Nga Puhi chiefs wrote to the King stating; “We are a people without possessions. We have nothing but timber, flax, (introduced) pork, and (introduced) potatoes…We have heard the Tribe of Marion (the French) is at hand coming to take away our land. We pray (begged) thee to become our friend and the guardian of these islands, lest the teasing of other tribes should come near to us (themselves), and lest strangers should come and take our land away.” So pretty much what Joe denies is written in the 1831 letter signed by 13 Nga Puhi chiefs.

4) Most of what Joe films are personal attacks on white people, British people and anyone else that he doesn’t like, so no one takes him or his racial bias seriously. He simply makes up things up, such as stating that New Zealanders were NOT a Stone Age culture and anyone who states that they were, must be a racist. You see, Joe has personalised these events because he is up to his neck in identity politics. He can’t just be Joe Trinder he has to be Joe Trinder defender of anyone with the same skin colour as him.

5) When quoting the Treaty, like others, Joe conveniently tap dances between Te Tiriti and the bogus English version in legislation. He believes that the Treaty could only have been addressed to Maori, yet the social construct ‘Maori’ didn’t exist in 1840. The word ‘Maori’ doesn’t even appear in either the English draft or Te Tiriti o Waitangi itself. Anyone that thinks that there was a collective or social construct that was known as ‘Maori’ in 1840 is simply deluded.

6) Joe makes films because he can control the narrative i.e. say anything he likes and not provide references or evidence. Whereas my work on the Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the fraud surrounding it is published. My books are sold in books stores all over New Zealand and throughout the world. They are also in our Library system.

7) Joe is correct in that New Zealand was colonised, colonisation began when the second group arrived on a canoe. The letter in 1831 to the King is just one of a raft of historical documents that the prove that the British were invited and the signatures on the Treaty are evidence the chiefs agreed with the terms of colonisation.

8) Article three was the end of tribalism, in return for cessation of Sovereignty, the British agreed to set up a government and protect the people of New Zealand, just as the chiefs had asked in 1831. Rights the same as British Subjects (in England) were granted to them, or rather an equal standard of citizenship was introduced. Together all the people who lived in New Zealand became one nation, who by the 1950’s was possibly the safest and fairest country in the entire world to raise a family. 1 % unemployment and 70% home ownership, these are things we can all be proud of.

9) It’s what has happened since the late 70’s that Maori should be complaining about, that’s when the negative social statistics started to show. Their leaders, both Maori and their politicians have failed them. It’s their leaders who have done nothing to arrest the awful and climbing negative social statistics of Maori. Without any solutions or ability to take responsibility they have simply shifted the blame of people performing very badly on to white people. They have wiped their memory banks of the deadly tribal colonisation of the 1800s, and also the safe and prosperous times of the 50s, 60s and 70s,

10) Maori leaders and and also our politicians have failed not only Maori but the rest of the population too, they are inept and have been for 50 years. We have a social and economic collapse on our hands and their solution is to adopt an apartheid system of governance.

Together we must stop them.

By Andy J Oakley