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Joe Williams

Justice Joe Williams’s Twisted Tribunal

By Andy Oakley

Our world is shaped not by logic and reality but by the view of that logic and reality held and promulgated by influential people.

Who would have thought that in the modern world a country could make up a race of people, make up a list of injustices this race have endured, ensure the list is not and will never be exhaustive and dates back more than 175 years?

Who would have thought that the same country would then categorize another race or division of people and state they were the perpetuators of these injustices and finally hold the people who are the ancestors of the so called perpetuators to account?

In the modern world this whole exercise should have been impossible as it is now internationally recognized that race is an ideology, humans cannot be categorized by race, it is scientifically and biologically impossible to do so. What’s more anyone that does categorize humans by race is known as being bigoted.

So, for a whole country to accept that the issue was created by the ancestors of a white (read Pakeha) race and that this white coloniser is responsible for racial and social inferiority felt and experienced by the mixed race ancestors of the black race and that reconciliation can only happen by turning over vast tracks of land, wads of cash, ownership of natural resources and instigating nondemocratic representation on all sorts of local and national bodies to a few tribal elite, the people would need to have been subjected to indoctrination on mass.

Universities and schools and Government departments are the perfect place for this indoctrination to take place and so Justice Joe Williams, a past Chairman of the Waitangi Tribunal, not only received his indoctrination in those institutes but also made some more up himself after convincing the faculty of Wellington's Victoria University to allow him to teach the first course in Maori land law. Thus acknowledging there is more than one law in New Zealand and that race is the fundamental difference between the two law systems.

Now, I do not think Justice Joe Williams is purposefully holding New Zealand to ransom, he believes what he is doing is correct. However, his belief is just as a religious fundamentalist believes his terrorist actions are for the good of his people.

The basis of Justice Joe Williams's world, and others like him, rely on their being two people with two cultures. Not only that, the two cultures must clash. Without that notion he has no job, no license to preach and no salary.

In a recent speech he stated “After 20 years of inquiries from the Waitangi Tribunal into the historical claims of iwi, hapu and whänau, one of my lasting impressions as counsel and latterly as Chairperson has been the clash of cultures within its processes”.

He would say that wouldn’t he, as to state anything less would be to put the whole Treaty industry at risk.

Later in the same speech he puts forward his evidence of this clash of cultures as he recounts the evidence put forward by an historian to the tribunal which was a logical account of the facts according to the recorded events at the time versus a person who stated he is a Maori, taking two full days to recite all of Maori history according to him, nothing specific but the WHOLE history of his people (according to him) in Te Reo.

Referring to this clash of cultures Justice Joe Williams stated “You must see him through Mäori eyes in order to join the dots. The Crown and most historians did not agree. The Tribunal, in a controversial report, agreed wholeheartedly. The Tribunal was prepared to disregard the primary paper record and to look instead to the actions of traditional owners”.

In this statement by Justice Joe Williams neither he nor the Tribunal has offered any logical evidence of why they would disregard factual historical evidence delivered by a professional historian in favour of a story related from memory by a Mr Edwards who stated he was a Maori.

The statement by Williams regarding seeing him through Maori eyes has no meaning at all because there is logical or legal definition of just what constitutes what a Maori person is. I have repeatedly asked the Tribunal for a definition but they will not answer.

I have lived in New Zealand my whole life (50 + years). I grew up in what was New Zealand’s largest Polynesian city at the time, Porirua. My friends, girlfriends and family are a mixture of most ancestries in New Zealand and I am yet to notice any difference in culture of any of them.

The only time “cultural clash” is ever mentioned in New Zealand is by the Waitangi Tribunal or claimants who are in the process of ripping off other tribes and/or other New Zealanders.

New Zealanders need to take a stand against this racist man and his Tribunal.


A speech by Justice Joe ‘Two worlds, two laws; managing the collision' can be viewed/heard here > http://webcast.gigtv.com.au/Mediasite/Play/43dc6cc59e7b457bb0c5e3c9111598601d?catalog=c75916d8-c596-45a9-be81-62a343d9a314&playFrom=5095&autoStart=true