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Moana Maniapoto

The Racism That Privileged Maori Can’t See

Moana Maniapoto MNZM is a talented and successful woman, however she has become so overcome with a sense of racial privilege that she believes anyone of a different racial background that makes a reference to hers is a racist.

Why does everything have to be about race with these people?

This behavior is becoming increasingly difficult for New Zealanders to deal with, particularly when it is people like Moana, who seems to have kicked her mother’s European ancestry for touch, who proudly push their perceived new race in front of almost every activity other New Zealanders are involved in.

Every day Kiwi's awake to new stories of how this privileged group of people “Maori” who apparently were promised the heaven AND earth in the Treaty of Waitangi are owed by the rest of the community for wrongs done to their ancestors.

Never mind about non Maori ancestors and any wrongs done to them, we are told this promise to Maori is a race based promise which no one else can participate in.

Never mind we, the people alive today, are now coughing up hundreds of millions of dollars because the Crown didn’t stop some tribes from selling their land in the Wairarapa or didn’t stop Taranaki Maori committing genocide on peaceful Moriori in the Chatham’s.

Maori claim their whole race (there's that word again) is now in a poverty driven melt down because the Crown never protected them or their culture and language 175 years ago. Andrew Judd, the Mayor of New Plymouth, has recently subscribed to this indoctrination and Moana has seized the opportunity to call us all racists too.

While there is no doubt people who define as Maori are ashamedly high on almost all negative social indicators, the causes are mainly a parenting issue that they and our government refuse to acknowledge or deal with. Rather, their crooked leaders of which Moana is one make it a racial issue and hold their hand out for yet more treaty settlements, scholarships and social assistance.

New Zealanders are generally sympathetic and continue for the most part to feel sorry for Maori and contribute to their culture. This is despite constantly being told by the people they are helping that you are a Pakeha, you are colonisers, robbers and you will NEVER understand our culture.

This is confusing to most as they are taught that Maori are special and to put them on a pedestal as tangata whenua but when they do they are called red necked Pakeha colonisers.

So when we hear a successful “so called” Maori woman complain to the nation of racism when a Judge tells her she is a credit to her people or that when someone has the racial cheek to ask her son, who must be mostly Pakeha, do you have a Maori scholarship, maybe it is time we zipped up the purse strings and remove the undeserved privileges these people along with some crooked politicians have manipulated from the average Kiwi’s wage packet.

Her constant references to how the Treaty supposedly elevates her and her people above the average tax payers who are funding their tribal existence indicates that it is purely a race issue for her.

Really, who is the racists here?

Whereas the average Kiwi allows the withdrawal of money from their taxes because they think it might prevent another child from being killed by its parents or caregivers. Race doesn’t come into it, most don’t even understand who this other races is. They are just told they are different and believe it.

To cap her racial rant off she then makes it clear for all to see she unashamedly blames Pakeha for almost everything from Parihaka to racist policing. In doing so she lets us see in all its glory her ignorance of the history surrounding Parihaka and why a policeman would stop a Maori boy.

“THEY” she exclaims, the white colonisers, the robbers, the racists, the blind, the murderers, the rednecks, the PAKEHAS cannot see racism.

While “WE MAORI” with the stars on our bellies, the racial privileges the treaty affords us, the scholarships, our own schools, whanau Ora, priority for health treatment, corporate tribal elite, prisoner programmes and seats on Councils can see racism hurled at us every day.

You can be the judge of who is racist in regards to Moana’s article.

I for one do not believe there is such a thing as race and no amount of racists rants will change my mind.

By Andy Oakley

Maniapoto's racist rant here > http://e-tangata.co.nz/news/the-racism-that-too-few-of-the-privileged-can-see