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Robert Consedine

Robert Consedine is the author of the book 'Healing Our History' which supremacist Maori and their supporters recommend reading ~~ below is an insight on Mr Consedine.

Wayne Mapp, National’s PC eradicator has been getting stuck into Canterbury University for requiring library staff to attend “Treaty Awareness” courses run by Bob Consedine. A well known fruitloop, Consedine has been making money off these things for 15 years.

As all government departments are required to pay lipservice to the “Tiriti o Waitangi” there is a little army of “consultants” earning a living delivering racist/socialist propaganda to our nation’s loyal pubic servants.

Many were trained by “Project Waitangi”, a taxpayer funded, Workers Communist League infiltrated, organisation that pioneered “Treaty Education” in the late ’80s.
While I may sound like a stuck record, my point is that virtually all racial politics in this country is based on Marxist thinking. What we call “Political Correctness” is in fact cultural Maoism and/or the work of Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci” The “Treaty Industry” was started and run by Marxists for the pupose of changing the social fabric of this country. Some have made money off it as well. They probably laugh a lot about that.

“Waitangi Bob” Consedine is a professional propagandist. He was a CORSO activist in the ’70s and used that organisation to propagandise against Apartheid in South Africa. “He said CORSO’s role was to educate people about Southern Africa. CORSO could reach out to people that HART could never attract to meetings.” CHCH Committee on South Africa meeting January ’76.

In July 1981, during the Springbok rugby tour, Consedine went to National Party offices in Christchurch and poured blood on Prime Minister Robert Muldoon’s portrait, the carpet and desks and painted “guilty” on the wall. He was arrested and sent to Addington Prison, where he and three comrades staged a very well publicised hunger strike.

In 1987 he was spokesman for Christchurch Project Waitangi and in 1989 signed a Press advertisement opposing the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the signing of the treaty of Waitangi “Why We Oppose Celebrations In 1990”-sponsored by “Expose 1990”- Affiliated to “Non-Maori Opposed to Celebrations”.

In the 80s, Marxists commonly used the slogan “The Treaty is a Fraud”. Later they realised they they could get more mileage by getting government’s to implement their new interpretation of the “Treaty”. They then adopted the familiar slogan “Honour the Treaty” This is why Consedine could quite happily oppose the Treaty in 1989 and work for its “honouring” in his seminars in 2005.

In September 1993, Consedine spoke on “Tactics for Socialist Activists” at a “Political Cafe” run in Christchurch, by the Revolutionary Communist League’s “Centre for Socialist Education”. In 2005, the 100% Irish, Consedine, was number 6 on the Maori Party list.