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Jo Holmes

Jo is currently the president of Waiheke Toastmasters, has been a Deputy Chair Waiheke Local Board, was the founding publisher and owner of local newspaper Waiheke Marketplace, also founder and owner of Waiheke business Rainbow Copy Centre (now Copy Expresso), has owned a database management business, published various NZ magazines and was a Flight Lieutenant WRAF


The recently enacted changes to the Resource Management Act legislation give race based elites, not the Crown, control of all the nation’s natural resources.

This effectively turns New Zealand into a nation based on apartheid where racial discrimination and separatism flourish.

If you are do not belong to, or identify with, one of the ruling tribal elite you face racial discrimination. This applies as much to urban Maori as to ordinary Kiwis......

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Creeping Christianity dishonest 

The two most divisive elements in the world today are tribalism and religion. They often operate side by side. It is one thing to have a greeting in the Maori language, it is quite another for it to surreptitiously introduce Christianity as its theme and involve the unwary listener in prayer. In the case of the Parliament prayer, it is surely the height of hypocrisy to displace the Christian references from the universally understood version, to then incorporate them in the tribal version.

New Zealand is a secular state. Wise forefathers of this nation have known that in order to accommodate the differing religious beliefs of its citizenry it is necessary to take religion out of the political and civic arena. Similarly it is unwise, and morally wrong, to differentiate its people based on race.

Unfortunately, tribal elites now dominate ceremonial functions in New Zealand, from school prize givings and awards ceremonies to building openings and civic functions. Away they go - tribal elders talking, singing and praying in a language that is not understood by most of the audience, the majority of who do not share their religious zeal. As the Maori language gains precedence at the expense of English (an international language and the tongue of 99% of the people of New Zealand) most people are unaware that they are being forced to take part in a religious ceremony.

What makes it even more manipulative is that, unlike many Pacific Island peoples, Maori are not what can be described as a ‘church-going’ lot.

National’s speaker MP David Carter’s proposed introduction of a new Parliament prayer is a symptom of the ‘politically correct’ behaviour that has led New Zealand into this race-biased mess. The monopolisation that tribal elites have been given of public gatherings is another. They display disrespect for others and particularly those who do not share their religious beliefs.

Look around you next time you’re forced into this situation and see how the audience is made to stand up for fear of being seen as disrespecting the tribal elders and their message. I resolutely remain seated. I am an atheist and I object strongly to being forced by stealth, as Trevor Mallard says, to kowtow to someone’s God and, I suspect, political aspirations. Watch how prize-givings and awards are high-jacked, so that they are no longer about everybody and their achievements but noisily about tribal members only - all others are treated as also-rans.....

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PAUP creating "a cult of racketeering and extortion"

Never one to mince words, Sir Bob Jones described the ‘mana whenua’ provisions in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP) as ‘being too tolerant of Maori wonderfulness with the result that they have created a cult of racketeering and extortion.”

Sir Bob was speaking yesterday to a meeting, attended by around 250 of us, organised by ‘Democracy Action’, a group dedicated to protecting democratic principles. The Group is fighting the 'mana whenua' provisions in the PAUP which were described as a step too far in the abuse of tribal privilege created through the Treaty of Waitangi industry.

The mana whenua provisions relate to compulsory ‘cultural values assessments’ that have to be obtained from up to 19 iwi in order to obtain a resource consent. It will have a severe impact on most property values throughout Auckland because each of the 3600 sites specified in the PAUP as having ‘significance’ to Maori has a 200 metre zone around them. I wrote a blog about this last March “Beware the Taniwha at the bottom of your garden” but it has taken the impact on a public figure, Sir Bob Jones, to highlight the appalling situation now facing property owners and developers around Auckland. It is also the thin end of the wedge because the same provisions are being planned for every Council in New Zealand.

On the one hand the meeting was depressing as first Sir Bob and then constitutional lawyer Stephen Franks described the undermining of democracy that has been going on for decades through the Treaty of Waitangi process, the Resource Management Act, successive National led governments and, especially in the last four years, through Auckland Council with their rule by decree (PAUP).

Stephen Franks described the difficulty he had in getting any lawyers of judges to speak out at the meeting. Why? In a nutshell they are afraid. And when the judiciary is afraid then you know there is something very rotten in the state of New Zealand.

We learned of the fear of lawyers to speak out for the most venal of reasons. They enjoy lucrative contracts with Auckland Council and if they do not kowtow to the prevailing, all consuming, cultural correctness of Council their firms will lose business.

There can be no doubt New Zealand is a long way down the road to serfdom as forty years of the Treaty of Waitangi industry has led to the creation of a rich tribal elite of feudal barons who enjoy privileges denied the rest of us and particularly denied to the ordinary members of the tribes.....

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Democracy Action fights to regain private property rights

Auckland Council’s imposition of over 3600 sites of cultural value (mana whenua sites) has effectively handed over governance of Auckland to iwi. Enabling provisions in the PAUP (Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan) means a draconian consenting regime is in effect now. Up to 19 different iwi have to be consulted BEFORE Council officers will begin processing a resource consent for even the most minor addition to your property such as a deck. The process is being co-managed and co-governed by iwi and Council Officers. Elected representatives have been sidelined in the running of the Auckland region.

Every development, large and small, requires resource consents. The ‘mana whenua’ provisions mean Auckland will grind to a halt because no time limits and no cost constraints have been set by Council. It is a licence for iwi to blackmail and extort money from anyone needing a consent. This is already happening. It will bring iwi into disrepute and be the cause of increasing inter-racial tension as Aucklanders wake up to the reality of having their property rights taken away.

It gets worse. Not content with the 3600 sites and over 2000 sites of ecological significance requiring iwi input, there is a further blanket requirement for all Maori cultural landscapes (whatever they are?) covering potentially the whole of Auckland and New Zealand to be managed by iwi....

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Councillors fitted up by culture cringe bureaucrats

A few weeks ago I wrote about a meeting I attended organised by Democracy Action (DA) a group formed to fight the ‘mana whenua’ provisions in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP). The mana whenua provisions relate to compulsory ‘cultural values assessments’ that have to be obtained from up to 19 iwi in order to obtain a resource consent. These provisions are effectively legalised blackmail. I wrote about the meeting in a blog which made the following observation about Council bureaucrats......

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