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Mitch Morgan

Mitch Morgan, an equal rights advocate and critic of social engineering and political correctness, is a regular newspaper commentator.

The Man Who Saw The Future

It would be very difficult for the young people of today to envisage the New Zealand that existed in the mid-20th century; a country recovering from a terrible war that had seen Maori and Pakeha united in defending our freedom; a time in which scant notice was taken of whether one’s skin was white or brown; and a national sense of pride at being the world leader in racial equality. Apartheid in South Africa was regarded with distaste and the idea of two races in one country having separate laws and privileges because of the colour of their skin was abhorrent to most fair-minded New Zealanders. History was an open book, schools and history books openly acknowledged Moriori as the original inhabitants, and the Treaty of Waitangi ideal of ‘one nation, one people’ had not yet been contaminated by the introduction of ‘indigenous rights’.

International bodies were promoting racial harmony, with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) releasing the following statement in 1950:

“The biological fact of race and the myth of ‘race’ should be distinguished. For all practical social purposes ‘race’ is not so much a biological phenomenon as a social myth. The myth ‘race’ has created an enormous amount of human and social damage. In recent years it has taken a heavy toll in human lives and caused untold suffering. It still prevents the normal development of millions of human beings and deprives civilization of the effective co-operation of productive minds. The biological differences between ethnic groups should be disregarded from the standpoint of social acceptance and social action. The unity of mankind from both the biological and social viewpoints is the main thing. To recognize this and to act accordingly is the first requirement of modern man.”

How different are things today.

The people of those yesterdays would have been aghast and incredulous had they been able to glimpse what the future held in store.

The re-writing of New Zealand’s past surfaced in 1975 when the creation of the Waitangi Tribunal provided us with our own equivalent of Orwell’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ and authentic evidence was often overruled by ‘verbal tribal history’.

New-age historians announced, “Our old historians got it all wrong” thereby denying the existence of pre-Maori inhabitants, with governments adding their support by placing embargoes on 105 sites that showed indications of non-Maori origin.

The manifestly clear objective of the Treaty of Waitangi to unite two races as one people, with equal rights under one common law, has been gradually undermined by re-interpretation of key words in that document, citing modernistic meanings that did not apply at the time treaty was signed.

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