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Tim Wikiriwhi

Tim is of Maori descent, he is an Engineer, Libertarian and a Christian. He posts regularly on Eternal Vigilance - Give me Liberty, or give me Death


As a Libertarian Maori Living in such times as we do, and having spent two decades fighting the racist separatism that has been imposed upon our Nation under the general pretense of ‘Honoring the Treaty of Waitangi’ I have become weary… Fatigued… to the point that I often struggle to summon the strength to get myself up upon my soap box to decry the latest Racist, slanderous, and Fallacious claims made daily by Socialist academics and politicians leveled at Pakeha New Zealanders, yet despite my exhaustion the latest outrage by the ‘Advertising Standards Authority demands I once again raise my voice in disgust.

Having now deemed a political pamphlet distributed by the Political Lobby group ‘Onelaw4all’ as a‘Racist’ pamphlet likely to cause ‘serious offence’ and must not be distributed I see this as farcical, and yet another example of patent hypocrisy and pretentious arrogance against a legitimate political perspective that is calling for an end treaty separatism.

The Ideals contained within that pamphlet are definitively *Anti-racist* in nature!
The pamphlet is an exposition that condemns the systemic racism of our government today! .....

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I sympathize with Readers who like myself recoil at giving support to Winston Peters given his long history of dubious dealings, yet I see a dire need for Outraged New Zealanders to Punish National for their treasonous activities in collaboration with the Maori Party.

I cannot believe things have become so acute that I would ever contemplate that it could possibly be in New Zealand best interests to support a Winston Peters/ Labour party Coalition!

The Horror of even writing such a sentence… let alone having to endure such a Government chills me to the bone… yet what are the alternatives?.....


"The Socialist recipe of positive discrimination for Maori may have gotten them their own State TV Stations, Their own Universities and Polyteks, They may even have control of great Economic powerhouses like fisheries and Shopping malls... which of course brings wealth to tribal and political elites... Yet down where the ordinary people dwell the story is completely different.

The Victim mindset that Maori are being spoon fed by their political class from above whom profit from the growing racial segregation and grievance industry ... drizzled with copious helpings of a sence of entitlement for the un-earned... topped off with the Poison Cherry of being molly coddled via legal favoritism... massive special interest bureaucracies, and easier access to Government handouts... has not closed the Gaps... but entrenched them in misery!

The truth is being taught that your lowly condition has nothing to do with your personal ethics and responsibility... and instead the system encourages Blame and makes it easier to get access to and become dependent up welfare, etc only serves to guarantee those ordinary Maori who buy into all the rubbish about being oppressed... will never lift themselves out of the hole they are in... and where poverty and lack of the ethics of self responsibility have become a cultural norm... We can absolutely predict with mathematical precision that Criminality will thrive there.

And this is precisely what we see in the Statistics.

This is what the Statistics prove."


This is the first of a series of blog posts I hope to do leading up to October 28 this year.
This date has been set as the first official day of remembrance for the New Zealand wars of the 1860s.
This day of remembrance is itself something that has been pushed for by Maori radicals whom seek to use this event to propagate their lies/ revisionist history that presents the Maori Rebels (And Maori in general as being the victims of systemic violent Pakeha Greed.

You will note that I have not called these wars by the ‘Politically correct’ name by which they have become known by the spoon fed people of New Zealand… ‘The Land Wars’… as I know this title to be to be a malicious fabrication designed to mis-direct the New Zealand people away from what the wars were *Really all about* … and what was *Really at stake* back in 1860s… and what is in fact *Really at stake* today.
The real purpose motivating these Activist Maori whom have whom have managed to get the 28th of October to be an official day of remembrance.

If there is at all any good reason for New Zealand to look so far back, and have a Day of remembrance for those events…The Activists certainly dont have these good intentions in mind, yet seek to use this day for very malicious political ends.
Via their twisted re-interpretation of history they seek to propigate greater Racial divisions between Maori and Pakeha… and to use this Dissension to generate fraudulent grievances…. to wrestle more money and power from ‘settlements’.

These Maori have become professional Extortioners… and have Duped the New Zealand people via the Fools and scoundrels in parliament of Billions of dollars.

It grieves me to have to talk about such nasty Machiavellian Political activities that stir up uncomfortable feelings in people whom have no desire for ill will with their Fellow countrymen of Maori decent… most of whom would prefer to distance themselves from this ugly business… yet I call upon you to stand with me against the Political lies and malevolence that is being pushed through as Official doctrine, and is having real world effects… not only exacerbating Race relation troubles… not only extorting mountains of Tax dollars… but is changing the very fabric of our society… creating an apartheid system that will be inherited by our children… and unless we stand up for the truth… Our Children themselves will be taught and believe lies.

If that happens it will be because Those of us who know the truth were too intimidated by the controversy we face… to step up to defend both what is true… and what is just.

Not only that, but the reputation of the true Heroes… some of New Zealand’s Greatest defenders… whom fought for the Treaty of Waitangi, against Murderous Tribes in rebellion will forever be spat upon.

I personally find all this unconscionable.
I personally intend to do what what I can to see to it that the lies are exposed, and the Reputations of these heroic and righteous men get their due respect.

These wars were not ‘Land wars’…ie a greedy grab for tribal land by the Pakeha powers!
They were wars of rebellion by Maori Chiefs whom saw Colonization as a threat to their Mana and power…esp as their people began to exit their tribal lands and go live independently , and thus they hatched a plan to get rid of the Treaty, and the British Sovereignty, law and order, and to push the Pakeha back into the sea.
This is what Kingitanga (installing a Maori King) was all about.
And it was these Rebel Maori whom began to prey on the the colonials…and make war preparations conveniently close to Auckland… which they intended to Sack.

I will expand on all this in the following months, and will site my references, yet today I would just like to touch on one particular event that demonstrates what was at stake for New Zealand… and the sort of evils that were poised to devastate this country… and to start to prove that had it not been for bravery of the Colonial forces, Von Tempsky and Forrest Rangers, and later the Armed constabulary, and the Faithful Maori tribes whom preferred the peace of treaty of Waitangi to the tribal wars that were before it… and certainly preferred the Rule of Victoria to the prospect of subjection to a Tainui king… Our history would be completely different.
New Zealand would not be the Great first world Nation… God’s own… that we enjoy today.

All that above is merely my eplanation for why I am about to post on a truly horrific murder committed by the Rebel Maori in the mid 1860s… The Hau Hau murder and cannibalism of of The Reverand C.S. Volkner.......

Futher reading here > http://blog.eternalvigilance.me/2017/03/new-zealands-first-official-day-of-remembrance-of-the-wars-of-the-1860s-the-hauhau-rebellion-and-the-heinous-murder-of-the-reverand-c-s-volkner/


I say that he was a fraud, as we all know that *He really did not believe* the river was a person…No Maori today does…. He was acting… putting up a complete charade … pretending to be a ‘super-Maori’… whom had heroically shrugged off 200 years of Euro-centric culture and learning.

Yes… he claimed the River was a person!

That he did not flinch from presenting himself like this is a testament to deep seated prejudices… and a malevolent political agenda.

Yet this stuff was no secret!

It was what he was being paid by the Taxpayers to teach in the university!

That baloney and the Official line that today’s Maori are an oppressed people whom have suffered a ‘Holocaust’ at the hands of the Greedy Parasitic European invasion.

This is what today’s Maori are told they ought to believe too…if they wish to claim to be ‘real Maoris’.

And this story of Maori oppression by the Pakeha is also supposed to be embraced by the Pakeha themselves!

And untold numbers of them do exactly that.

They take on this *Collective guilt trip* simply because they are the defendants of the Colonial pioneers.

They have abandoned the view that *their ancestors* were enlightened and Bold, and forged a noble civilisation in a land that was once one of the Darkest corners of the Globe… no… The revisionist history says that it was These advanced white people whom were the real Savages… and that they destroyed an enlightened culture ‘that was one with the land… etc etc… not backward at all!

It was seeing this sort of absolute Political Propaganda of the most Malevolent and dishonest type, that had convicted my conscience years before as a Libertarian and a New Zealander of Both Maori and Pakeha descent to put myself forward as Party spokesman for the Deregulation of Maori affairs.

Not only was the Portfolio of ‘Maori Affairs’ being used to perpetuate an apartheid State complete with separatist Race-based electoral rolls and seats in parliament, but these doctrines were being used to justify the redistribution of wealth on a gigantic scale.

Years later… nothing has changed.

100s of millions of Dollars, and vast tracts of Lands, and other assets have been handed over as ‘Treaty settlements’… to a bunch of charlatans whose only virtue is that they have a fraction of Maori Blood.

That’s right… These Pseudo-Maori whom all have Pakeha Blood…most of whom have more Pakeha blood than Maori…which happened via intermarriage and mutual assimilation… have managed to claim they are victims of their own ancestors… whom they conveniently pretend they have no connection with!

They also have conveniently forgotten that their Maori ancestors were Migrants whom arrived here *And really did perpetrate a Holocaust* upon the Tangata Whenua… the people of the Land… whom were here when they arrived in their Canoes.

None of the truth is taught in New Zealand schools and Universities because the Socialist Left have systematically implanted their ‘Anti-imperialist* Propaganda for world revolution that has its roots in Russia 1917!

The very Racist Doctrines that put people like Robert Mugabe in Power in Zimbabwe, and inspired the Anti-Indian Coups in Fiji.

It was the Commy Scum of the 20th century that invented the doctrines of ‘indigenous rights’… specifically designed to ferment unrest and Communist revolution......

New Zealand, Racist Sexist Backwater. Your Brain on Internet Socialism

*Pre-European Maori* were very Misogynistic, and in fact the Haka is about Killing and eating your enemies (reducing them to excrement)
Nice aye.

Ironic though it may seem… there are plenty of Maori woman whom have a ridiculous ‘romantic notion’ about Pre-European Maori Culture and actually are actively trying to restore these types of custom…. woman sitting at the back…. etc.

So our country is filled with propaganda which teaches the Maori that they are victims of ‘a Holocaust’…. when in truth the opposite is true.

Maori have very poor social statistics *Because of all the lies and delusions* they have swallowed… and Dependence on the state because of all the ‘Socialist favouritism’ they have been given (Billions of Dollars).

Hand outs are corrosive to self reliance, and self responsibility.....

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Universal Pride in Washington, Separatist Shame in Wellington.

National’s new leader John Key is not cut from the same cloth as the honourable Don Brash. John Key realised that come election time Clark was history as long as he did not put his foot in his mouth. So National fought the most PC campaign of hollow words chosen for their cultural safety, making no radical policies distinguishable from Labour; also bending over backwards for support from the Maori radicals who command the racist seats. To get that support he was even willing to hongi terror suspect Tama Iti, who had just been discovered plotting to kill him and other pakeha New Zealanders. He also distanced himself from Don Brash.

His abandonment of the Brash campaign of one law for all New Zealanders was the green light to the renewal of apartheid politics, and having been let off the hook on which Brash had hung them, the Clark government instantly re-commissioned their Treaty separatist policies in a bid for support from the Maori seats. A flood of Treaty claims were settled as Dr Cullen hurriedly bribed his way back into favour with Maori communities.

Much to the glee of Maori radicals, Labour’s Treaty settlement minister did not hesitate to breach the 1 billion dollar cap that had been placed on settlements, thereby perpetuating the industry indefinitely, as some settlements had such corrupt clauses, that if in the future the billion dollar cap was breached, they could re-negotiate! Thus the consequence of John Key’s pussyfooting, and the shyster politics of Cullen and Clark, have been to expose New Zealanders to racial extortion indefinitely.

We all know John Key’s lame campaign was a success, yet this was not because Clark lost due to any greatness on his part. People reluctantly voted for him. He has now formed a coalition government with the Maori Party and Act. This coalition is a very grievous thing, as it forebodes an ongoing system of extortion which Key must maintain to keep the radicals in his midst onside.

The irony is that not only must Key now carry on the appeasement of Clark and Cullen to racist radicals; he is actually appeasing the very same radicals who were once embedded in the Labour government! We also know the Maori Party intends the entrenchment of racism so deep into our political system that it becomes democratically impossible to abolish.

Furthermore they are relentlessly soliciting Maori to sign onto the separatist roll so as to grow the number of apartheid seats in parliament. This in itself has the effect of making an audacious break with racist appeasement such as Don Brash made so much less likely to succeed.

Because Key’s coalition relies on appeasing the Maori radicals, it has meant that no progress has been made in international relations with Fiji, despite Clark’s exit. Had Brash become PM, I believe he would have extended a hand of friendship to Bainimarama, and offered assistance in making Fiji a nation of equality before the law, just as he hoped New Zealand would become. Yet we have no hope of this with Key, and so NZ-Fiji relations continue to ferment.

This is the current situation. Race relations in New Zealand are at an all time low; violent crime is still on the rise, committed disproportionately by Maori.....

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Tim Wikiriwhi's Submission to the New Zealand Government's Constitutional Review. 2013

One of the greatest injustices and violations of the principle of equality in New Zealand has been the Institutionalized racism surrounding the modern interpretations of the Treaty of Waitangi.

As a Maori I am deeply ashamed that this travesty is being perpetrated under the guise that as a Maori I am a hapless victim, and that I need and deserve special help and rights to function.

Not only is the Treaty industry shambollic and a massive extortion racket, and a font of Racist law … it actually harms and enslaves the Maori people in dependence upon the state, and is instilling a vile race hatred and bigotry, which shows it’s ugly head in may ways… esp in Maori crime statistics, and ill health.

The fact is that even if in practical terms this apartheid system actually got positive results, it would still be evil and vile because Good ends cannot be justified by evil means.

The wellbeing of one section of society can never be justify the oppression and subjection of other section of society, and this is just one reason why the principle of Equality must be binding upon parliament and government institutions.

Maori as much as anyone will benefit when all race based laws and institutions are abolished…esp the racist Electoral rolls and race based seats in Parliament (and elsewhere)
As a minority people, our rights are best protected by constitutional guarantees of equality before the Law......

Read Tim's full submission HERE

TREATYGATE Hamilton ...... introducing John Ansell

The shear scale of the Political extortion…Hundreds and hundreds of millions of Dollars! The utter Fabrications and falsifications of our colonial history by which a collective guilt trip has been heaved upon the backs of Non-Moari New Zealanders …so successfully, that they quietly submit to this Extortion, and tolerate being rendered second class subjects in their own country.

I say We must smash the Anti-colonialist lie that stupefies so many New Zealanders into believing they have less right to Fully enjoy this country, than their neighbor who has a fraction of Maori DNA.

Now the fact that Race based Law is a travesty of justice should not really be News to anyone.

Who does not know about the times of Slavery and Segregation in America?

Who has not heard about Apartheid in South Africa’s recent past?

Many Kiwi already know that the Law should not discriminate because of race.

The trouble is that so few of us actually have the courage to stand up in public say it!

New Zealanders actually allow their government to mass produce Racist law and give away millions of Tax dollars all because they have been deceived by a massive political propaganda campaign!

The Lying racist Radicals use intimidation and the Anti colonial guilt trip to dominate and steer our country towards every deeper Racial separatism, and Rapine…. And the power-hungry socialists of both the Labour and National parties have made bargains with these racist radicals for the sake of securing Election victory…time and time again.

Thus our Government has been utterly corrupted and used to indoctrinate New Zealanders, both Maori and non-Maori into thinking that it is the fault of others that the so many Maori are violent criminals.

The Radicals want you Pakeha to continue to believe it is actually your fault that so many Maori suffer Ill health… live in poverty…. are in low paid jobs, or wallow in welfare dependence.

Well John Ansell has figured out what a crock that all is and he has the Balls to stand up and say … “Get Real!”

John forthrightly declares “Im A Pakeha and I refuse to accept any such guilt!”

“I demand My equal Rights!”

I demand an end to the extortion, an end to the State Racism.

I want to live in a country of Racial equality before the Law!” .....

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