Supremacist Maori and their supporters like to confuse New Zealanders with the issue of equality, so it is explained as following

There will always be natural inequality. How can you ensure that everyone gets the same genes, values and make the same good quality decisions. That sort of “inequality” is everywhere – even in the one family of any ethnicity.

Punishing the people who’ve been lucky or who have made better choices would be totally unfair. The best a government can do is to provide public education , public health and community facilities. It’s then up to individuals to make the most of those things and invest in bettering themselves and their families.

 People do make their own lifestyle decisions and these usually play a major role in determining how their lives unfold.

Legal equality means we all play by the same rules and enjoy the same rights. This means there can be no legal advantage for race, ethnicity, culture, or religion. That’s the basis of any healthy democracy - which has proven to be the most enduring and successful system of government so far. It makes for united, prosperous and happy nations Far more so than one based on racial division.

People as a whole benefit more in the long run from being treated equally before the law.

Privileges given to one group compels unfair treatment of others. Unequal legal treatment breeds resentment, destructive attitudes and corruption, making countries impoverished and war-torn. Just look around the world!!!!

Some ethnicities/communities generally seem to do well no matter where they go in the world – and that’s because they highly value education, hard work, family and make sensible long term business decisions. It rarely comes easily!!!!

How can ethnic division ever work fairly in NZ on a day-to-day basis anyway? We Kiwis work, play and have families together. Half the time, it isn’t clear what a person’s bloodlines might be. Our ethnicities are so intermingled now that racial separatism is a completely artificial notion. We are one people, despite different attitudes and rituals in parts of our society. After all, when we have blond haired, blue-eyed people claiming Maori scholarships and places in the Maori All Blacks, we can’t be that different, can we?

Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King are celebrated worldwide for their fights for equality before the law. How can it be a wonderful thing in their country yet labelled racist here?