Introduced diseases

Supremacist Maori and their separatists supporters like to exaggerate the extent of the effects that diseases brought by the 'wicked white coloniser' had on their population.

The fact is that Maori could not stay isolated in a world where leading nations were exploring to extend their realms. So if it was not the British introducing disease it would have been another nation (probably less sympathetic).

From the files (Auckland University Library) of James Rutherford only 13,000 maori deaths between 1801 and 1840 were by disease and other causes - that is only 333 per year,

Dr John Robinson states in his book 'When Two Cultures Meet' that if maoris had not of practised female infanticide then the breeding stock would have been sufficient to withstand the ravages of war and disease.

Treatyfarians conveniently forget the medicines, hospitals, housing, clothing, blankets, medical/surgical knowledge that the 'wicked white coloniser' also brought to New Zealand.

Kiwi Frontline,
May 26, 2016, 10:42 AM