Maori special privileges

As a result of the Parliamentary leverage created by the race-based Maori seats, there are a plethora of RACE-BASED LEGISLATIVE INITIATIVES THAT GIVE MAORI SPECIAL RIGHTS. These include:

*  Maori-only schools,

*  Special Maori content in the education curriculum,

*  Maori-only education scholarships,

*  Maori-only housing projects,

*  Maori-only health initiatives,

*  Maori-only welfare initiatives,

*  Maori-only prisoner programmes,

*  Maori-only positions on government agencies,

*  Maori-only consultation rights under the Resource Management Act,

*  Maori-only co-management of parks, rivers, lakes, and the coastline,

*  Maori-only ownership rights to the foreshore and seabed,

*  A special Maori Authority tax rate of 17.5 percent,

*  A special Maori-only exemption to allow blood relatives to qualify for charitable status,

*  Maori language funding,

*  Maori radio and TV,

*  Maori-only seats on local councils,

*  Maori-only appointments onto local government committees,

*  Maori-only local government Statutory Boards,

*  Maori-only local government advisory committees,

*  Maori seats in Parliament,

Courtesy of New Zealand Centre for Political Research