Marxism, Maori, and HRC

Excerpt from ‘Who is Joris De Bres’  (By Trevor Louden)

It has long been Marxist-Leninist policy to utilize the Maori and other minorities as a revolutionary force.

Maori “sovereignty” or “self determination” as promoted by the Human Rights Commission is an essential part of Marxist-Leninist strategy.

Both the Maoist and pro-Soviet factions which de Bres has associated with, often re-affirmed this concept in their literature.

I quote senior SUP member Marilyn Tucker’s article, “The National Question: The Soviet Experience and its Lessons for New Zealand”, published in the SUP’s theoretical journal “Socialist Politics” in 1983.

“The struggles for full National Rights of the Maori people and against racism are an essential ingredient in the general struggle…for socialism..”

Even more explicit was the Workers Communist League’s “Unity” of the 28th of September 1987.

“Support for Maori self-determination is one of the fundamental principles underlying the work and outlook of the WCL… the struggle for Maori self-determination is a crucial part of the process of bringing about a revolutionary transformation of society.”

Unsurprisingly, the HRC has also been infiltrated by socialists and Marxist-Leninists over the years. The HRC promotes a definition of racism that is Marxist in character and is very similar to that once used by groups like the WCL and SUP.

The HRC treats racism not as an individual failing, but as a power struggle between competing social groups. To the HRC socialists, only oppressing groups like white colonizers can be racists because they have the power. Oppressed groups like Maori cannot be racist, no matter how appalling they treat non Maori, because they don’t have power.

When, in December 2002, Joris de Bres shocked middle NZ by comparing European treatment of Maori culture to the excesses of the Afghan Taliban, I think he was being entirely consistent with the HRC’s socialist world view.

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