Public Works Act

Supremacist maoris and their European sycophants endeavour to make the Public Works Act a race issue - it is not!.

Land if needed for the public good is compulsorily acquired from landholders of all races, and compensation is paid. Think of the orchardists who lost land for the Clyde dam project.

If land taken under the PWA is no longer required for the purposes it was taken for, or if it is surplus to requirements then it is offered back to the owner/s or their descendants at current market value.  These people then have the option to purchase or decline. If the offer is declined then the LA could put the land on the open market.

However this did not happen with the old Blenheim Air Force base, giving it instead to iwi in a treaty settlement even though the family wanted to buy it back. See links below

NZ Herald 2/9/17 (Letter to the Editor)

As a family member who had their farm, along with seven other families’ farms, taken under the Public Works Act between 1949 and 1958 for the Ports of Auckland in Te Atatu, which was not used or offered back although by law it should have been in 1981, I find it stupefying to ponder that 67 years later, this still publicly owned land could be passed over in future for development at Marsden Pt.