The treatygate con

Coup d'état in 15 easy steps as New Zealanders impotently stand by and watch......


1. Get state academics to rewrite New Zealand history as a fantasy novel, where the Maoris are the goodies and the British the baddies.

2. Get state schools and universities to indoctrinate New Zealanders with this fake history.

3. Get the bogus historians to slam past historians as unreliable (even those who witnessed the actual events or interviewed those who were there).

4. Get the state media to peddle the fake history to stoke Maori grievance and Pakeha guilt.

5. Get iwi to fake claims to right fake wrongs.

6. Set up a state tribunal to hear these fake Maori claims.

7. Pay senior lawyers to represent Maori, and junior lawyers to represent the Crown.

8. Give the tribunal sole power to interpret the Treaty.

9. Let the tribunal approve claims based on pure hearsay.

10. Make all Treaty-related documents as hard to find, and hard to read, as possible.

11. Brand as ‘racist’ anyone who questions any Maori entitlement.

12. If enough people object, threaten a race war.

13. To continue the resource grab indefinitely, entrench a Treaty-based, Bolivian-style constitution where indigenous people are more equal than others.

14. Pretend that Maori are indigenous to New Zealand, when they sailed here just before the Europeans, and suppress the mounting evidence that other races may have got here first.

15. Pretend at all times that Maori remain a separate race, even though they’re all now part-Pakeha.

By John Ansell