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9/7/20 - Letters - Letters published in newspapers

21/6/20 - Blogs
John Robinson (Remember all our forefathers....)
Muriel Newman (Dangerous agendas)
Muriel Newman (Covid Farce)

20/3/20 - Editorials & Blogs 
Te Kooti - Don Jacobs
Maori victims of crime - Ward Kamo
Unity is being eroded by division - Tony Orman

20/3/20 - Treatyists Joe Trinder  

10/8/19 - Newsdesk - Latest nationwide race-based news

14/7/19 - Foreshore & Seabed hijack 

25/4/19 - Sundry - 
1Law4all pamphlet ~ ONE TREATY, ONE NATION
There are racists in my country - A poem by F M
Alan Richards pulls Clementine Fraser's nonsense apart point by point

16/3/18 - Noticeboard - 
Kiwi Frontline wishes to express sincere condolences to everyone impacted by the extremist terrorist attack on the Muslim community in Christchurch yesterday.

Kiwi Frontline has and will continue to advocate for racial equality, democracy and one law for all to maintain peace and security in our country. Extremism, violence and hate are condemned and not the way to achieve this.

18/11/18 Drifting into Racismby Dr John Robinson

20/7/18 - Hauraki Gulf Hijack ('Sea change' versus Democracy in the Hauraki Gulf)

28/6/18 - Enlightenments - 

4/6/18 - Andy Oakley Video series (Dangers of tribalism - Us & Them)

25/4/18 - Local Government Hijack - 
(Defending Democracy by Dr Muriel Newman)

26/11/17 - Petitions & Polls  
Petitions to demand vote on separate Maori wards
Palmerston North District Council
Manawatu District Council,
Whakatane District Council Western Bay of Plenty District Council)
 (NZ History Series 1- 12)

20/8/17 - Freshwater heist -
(The water debate,  by Dr Muriel Newman)
(Will water flow to Maori? by Michael Coote)
(Charging for water, by Dr Muriel Newman) 
(What value freshwater, by Anthony Willy)
(And many other articles)

(15 Things you need to know about the RLA  & Iwi participation) 

18/12/16 - Constitution hijack  
(Sir Geoffrey's Last Monument)

17/4/16 - Muddy waters 
(5 points Kiwis need to know re Freshwater debate)