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Dear Editor (Sent to the NZ Herald 13/1/20)
During the Golden Globe Awards, Ricky Gervais recently called out the rampant virtue signalling and hypocrisy of some celebrities and global corporates. How refreshing it would be if we Kiwis and the mass media followed his good example and highlighted such posturing here in NZ.

The Government’s Education and Training Bill makes an excellent target. It is pushing for secularism in our schools while simultaneously imposing, throughout the curriculum, the worshipping of tikanga and the Maori world view – two extremely vague concepts which can never be defined (even by Maori friends) yet simply cannot be challenged.

Is that not suggestive of an authoritarian and very scary religious movement? Will parents be able to opt in or even out of this frightening indoctrination?

The Editor (Sent to the Northern Advocate 7/1/20)
Tiriti o Waitangi (in the maori language) is the only legitimate Treaty ( 500 words) with a Preamble and 3 Articles (a benign Agreement all Kiwis could accept ) prepared from the Hobson /Busby final English draft (aka LittlewoodDraft) that cross translates perfectly with TeTiriti while the bogus Freeman version doesn’t.

There ’s no English version with Hobson clearly stating that the Treaty signed at Waitangi on 6 February1840 was the only Treaty.

Once signed the Treaty almost immediately became redundant as sovereignty was ceded by all chiefs who signed British citizenship granted, and sale of maori land rules put in place so all 3 Articles were satisfied..

Absolutely no reference to any treaty principles, partnerships, nor fisheries forests rivers etc. in TeTiriti nor Littlewood Draft- promising only what was contained in the 3 Articles.

In fact because it wasn’t made between nations not a treaty simply an agreement between the British Crown and a group of disparate warring tribes represented by 52 chiefs at Waitangi eventually gaining 542 signatures to ceding sovereignty.

In reality sovereignty was acquired by Acts of State( May1840) and Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter 16 November1840.

Yes while the Treaty was very fair it never dealt with fairness nor of course the modern day rewritten revised and fabricated things to satisfy only blatant self interest and the unjustified fatuous entitlement claims being made in 2020.
ROB PATERSON, Mount Maunganui