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Dear Editor, (Sent to the NZ Herald 26/2/20)
So Taxpayers pay $18 million and apologize to Moriori survivors for neglect of their ancestors' appeals in the 1860s.

Well, how about an apology and a few million from Ngati Mutunga and Ngati Tama for virtually exterminating them before the Treaty of Waitangi was even thought about?

Letter to editor- Sir/madam (Sent to the NZ Herald 23/2/20)
My response is regarding the article 'Rangiaowhia - War crime' in Stuff [19.2.20] and possibly the Herald as most of this article is just lies and your journalists should do their research before writing such articles!

There never was a massacre at Rangiaowhia, both churches were still standing till just a few years ago when one was pulled down, never burned!

Please write an article portraying the true and correct story. There are plenty of avenues to research the true and correct version of this incident, not a massacre!

It is tiresome the relentless stories to blame the so called 'Colonials’ for everything!

If it wasn’t for the Colonials, NZ would not be the prosperous country it is today, so some truth & respect please?

Dear Editor, (Sent to the Northland Age 7/2/20)
Article in Dominion Post Thursday 6th “what does Waitangi Day mean to you”.

Mike Smith said its kind of like independence day is for the Americans. Well New Zealand has its own independence Day which is the 3rd May when we broke away from New South Wales but our government will not recognise it.

Jim Bolger former prime minister said the treaty is our founding document of New Zealand and any attempt to disagree with that is false. This shows how little Jim Bolger knew about our history, as Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter dated 16th November 1840 is our true Founding Document, New Zealand Independence Day and our Constitution.

Jim Bolger also said, Maori would retain ownership of their lands and water. Another false statement as Busby’s final draft which was translated into Maori, the Tititi o Waitangi does not mention land and water. The invasion of the Taranaki area was by the Waikato tribe, the British had to buy the land back off the Waikato, which put it in the Crown ownership.

Mai Chen, law expert and Lawyer mentioned about growing size of the indigenous population. Maori were never the indigenous. If you are of Chinese decent then it was the Chinese that bought one lot of Maori to New Zealand as slaves. Maori never had a culture they got it from the people that were living here before them.

Jeremy Wells said some iwi did not sign the treaty. Which is right but they still made claims and were paid out under the Treaty.

There’s an old saying if a lie is told often enough it becomes the truth.

Dear Editor, (Sent to the Northland Age 30/1/20)
Most people think the Treaty of Waitangi was New Zealand’s Founding Document, but the treaty was only an agreement between Queen Victoria and 512 Maori chiefs where the chiefs gave up their territories and governments to Britain in return for Maori becoming British Subjects with the same rights as the people of England. This allowed New South Wales to extend its boundaries to encompass all the Islands of New Zealand under one flag and one law, irrespective of race, colour or creed.

Our true Founding Document and first Constitution was Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter/ Letters Patent dated the 16 November 1840, which was enacted on the 3 May 1841. This Royal Charter separated New Zealand from New South Wales and New Zealand became an Independent British Colony with a Governor and a Constitution to form a legal Government to make laws with Courts and Judges to enforce those laws. Unfortunately, Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter/Letters

Patent sits in Archives New Zealand Wellington gathering dust, completely ignored by governments and our professional historians.

While Waitangi Day February 6 must be remembered as an important day in our history, Queen Victoria Royal Charter/ Letters Patent was our true Founding Document with May 3 being New Zealand Independence Day, the day New Zealanders must all celebrate as the day New Zealand became One people, One Nation, irrespective of race, colour or creed.

Dear Editor, (Sent to the Northland Age 24/1/20)
A letter from Potonga Neilson in the Wanganui Chronicle Jan 15 needs to do some research, he mentions colonisation of Aotearoa. New Zealand has never been called Aotearoa, Aotea was the name of the Moriori craft that arrived in New Zealand.

He says that the Treaty was being misinterpreted and dismantled to the advantage of the settlers government. The treaty was put together after 13 chiefs wanted protection from warring tribes. Under the Labour government a false document which were rejected notes to give Maori advantage over everyone else. He also says their land was taken from them. It was the Maori that took the land off the earlier occupiers (Ngata Hotu, Patupaiarehe etc, they also slaughtered the Moriori and the kapupungapunga to extinction these were groups of people who were here before Maori.

The South Island Waitaha taught Maori how to work with greenstone, once they learn’t that they started there slaughter of the Waitaha people. He goes on and says New Zealand is a racist country, which he is right as Maori get special rights over the rest of the people and that it will stay that way until we get a government that treats everyone the same.

In Taranaki case it was the Waikato Maoris that invaded them and took the land off them, it was the British that paid Waikato for the land and allowed Taranaki to go back on it.

Dear Editor (Sent to the NZ Herald 13/1/20)
During the Golden Globe Awards, Ricky Gervais recently called out the rampant virtue signalling and hypocrisy of some celebrities and global corporates. How refreshing it would be if we Kiwis and the mass media followed his good example and highlighted such posturing here in NZ.

The Government’s Education and Training Bill makes an excellent target. It is pushing for secularism in our schools while simultaneously imposing, throughout the curriculum, the worshipping of tikanga and the Maori world view – two extremely vague concepts which can never be defined (even by Maori friends) yet simply cannot be challenged.

Is that not suggestive of an authoritarian and very scary religious movement? Will parents be able to opt in or even out of this frightening indoctrination?

The Editor (Sent to the Northern Advocate 7/1/20)
Tiriti o Waitangi (in the maori language) is the only legitimate Treaty ( 500 words) with a Preamble and 3 Articles (a benign Agreement all Kiwis could accept ) prepared from the Hobson /Busby final English draft (aka LittlewoodDraft) that cross translates perfectly with TeTiriti while the bogus Freeman version doesn’t.

There ’s no English version with Hobson clearly stating that the Treaty signed at Waitangi on 6 February1840 was the only Treaty.

Once signed the Treaty almost immediately became redundant as sovereignty was ceded by all chiefs who signed British citizenship granted, and sale of maori land rules put in place so all 3 Articles were satisfied..

Absolutely no reference to any treaty principles, partnerships, nor fisheries forests rivers etc. in TeTiriti nor Littlewood Draft- promising only what was contained in the 3 Articles.

In fact because it wasn’t made between nations not a treaty simply an agreement between the British Crown and a group of disparate warring tribes represented by 52 chiefs at Waitangi eventually gaining 542 signatures to ceding sovereignty.

In reality sovereignty was acquired by Acts of State( May1840) and Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter 16 November1840.

Yes while the Treaty was very fair it never dealt with fairness nor of course the modern day rewritten revised and fabricated things to satisfy only blatant self interest and the unjustified fatuous entitlement claims being made in 2020.
ROB PATERSON, Mount Maunganui