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Dear Editor, (Sent to the Rotorua Daily Post 7/1/19)
S White ( Post, 7/1/19) refers to Te Reo as our "indigenous language". It is not for the simple reason that Maoris are not indigenous, despite what the ignorant UN said. Maoris arrived at a more-or-less accurately known time only a few centuries ago, which disqualifies them from being indigenous, and proceeded to slaughter our truly indigenous people, very few of whom survive today.

Dear Editor, (Sent to The Press 6/1/19)
Recently you printed a letter of mine pointing out that as the Stone Age Maori culture had no writing, books or libraries, it was fatuous for the City Council to give its new Library a Maori name.

You printed a response from K Gillard making the absurd claim that as there had been a Stone Age in Europe, my comments were groundless. She seems unaware that European civilization has progressed a long way from the Stone Age in ways too numerous to mention.

There followed a letter from G Mitten, saying much the same - did they collude? - and suggesting that as I reside in Nelson it was not my business.

Well, Christchurch is my birthplace, with associations for seven generations of my family. Can any ex-Rarotongan newbie say anything to compare?

Dear Editor, (Sent to the Northern Advocate 5/1/19)
Marie Kaire’s letter 22/12/18 clearly stated ‘Maori fishing rights’ in inshore bays and gulfs, her letter 2/1/19 concedes there may be none, I will leave it to readers to decide if the former letter was mischievous or not.

A Marae Trustee chairperson is authorised to issue permits to gather protected seafood for funerals or those terminally ill etc, however the recipients of these seafoods are not confined to race, so again this is not a ‘Maori fishing right’.

Her opinion that most people of Maori descent wish to protect our fisheries is commendable, however it is my opinion that most New Zealanders do as well.

There seems to be a common condescending and indeed racist belief that Maori somehow are natural conservationists, however there is no gene for conservation, one only has to watch the TV programme ‘Coastwatch’ where many of the offenders appear to be of Maori descent for validation of this.

I don’t know who the ‘we’ is in Marie's letter 2/1/19 that impel over zealous seafood gatherers to return excessive shellfish to the beds, I sincerely hope that ‘we’ are authorised officers and not some vigilante group? If it is the latter then this is a foreboding example of what could happen to curb even legit fishers should tribal claims to our beaches be successful.

Dear Editor, (Sent to the Press 2/1/19)
Gerry Mitten ('Press", 1/1/19) "wonders why", living in Nelson, I have any interest in Christchurch affairs.

Let me inform him. Christchurch is my birthplace; my parents and paternal grandparents all lived and died there.

It was my home for 56 years; I brought up a family there and three of them and my late wife graduated from Canterbury University.

I was critically injured in the 2011 earthquake and evacuated to Nelson by Life Flight aircraft three weeks later when it was safe to do so.

Nevertheless, as no friend of political correctness, I deplore the behaviour of the Christchurch City Council, so besotted with all things Maori, that it takes the idiotic step of giving its new library a Maori name.when libraries are purely a part of our European heritage. It is as bad - and likely to be more lasting - than Nelson having a Maori man usurp the role of Santa Claus