Sites & Resources

Treaty of Waitangi For Dummies -  a reliable resource for those who wish to know more about this critical time in our history.

Kiwi Frontline on Facebook

One New Zealand Foundation - have researched treaty and racial issues extensively over the past quarter century

Treatygate - exposes the massive historical fraud that has been perpetrated upon Kiwis

1law4all - a budding political party that promotes one law for all Kiwis

Peoples 'Five Principles Movement' (5PM) - a movement to be formed to return democracy and freedom to citizens of New Zealand

Democracy Action - is a not-for profit association working to protect the equality of citizenship and democracy in New Zealand.

NZCPR (New Zealand Centre For Political Research) - is an independent public policy think tank that do not shy away from tough issues and provides research-based analysis and commentary on matters of national interest.

Mole News - exposes the build-up race-based privilege in NZ

Rotorua Pro-Democracy Society - Two district councillors and a Rotorua academic have set up a new organisation - the Rotorua Pro-Democracy Society - to protect the democratic rights of all citizens.

False Racism Blogspot - By Dr John Robinson